The initial contact at PP is Mitchell Collins, who has been involved in the Packaging Industry for over 30 years and is qualified as a Packaging Engineer and a Packaging Technologist. He has worked as a Packaging Development Manager at the highest level and is now an Independent Consultant and Company Director. He has also designed software for the Packaging Industry which is in use with many 'blue chip' companies. Therefore he has a unique blend of expertise which few others possess.

Particular specialist areas are in paper, board, film FFS systems and cartoning machinery - both in the area's of development and cost savings.

He is also a shipping and marine cargo specialist, having designed packaging and investigated and resolved various damage issues over the years.

Mitchell Collins is currently Managing Director of PCS Packaging Software Ltd. and operates as an independent Packaging Consultant specialising in Expert Witness/Legal Issues, Packaging Strategy, Product Recalls , Machine/Material interaction, Problem solving, Software solutions for structural Packaging design, Cost savings and new pack designs.

Our cost saving and design software is unique to us and is not available from any other Consultant!
Phone: + 44 (0)20 3286 9320

Marine and Air freight damage analysis and resolution services