Problem solving and damage reduction
Our services are often used to investigate loss of Packaging line performance and/or damage on shipped products.

Be it Truck, Air or Sea freight our in depth knowledge and software techniques provide a specialist insight and solution to your problems.
Our expert witness's service can provide a specialised insight into the merits of insurance, damage, product recall and CPO claims.

We have worked on various high profile cases, providing assistance to courts to determine complex cases.
Packaging Expert Witness
Packaging Cost Reduction
Our in depth knowledge of material capabilities, packaging line performance and load construction enables us to provide a full range of cost reduction services for the Packaging Industry.
We use technical experience and knowledge to analyse Packaging scenarios and can quickly identify options and recommend development routes or strategies to enhance your business.

Amongst our unique services is our software system, which can can easily identify the fastest route for cost savings with your product range. This system is unique to us, is not available on the open market and has capabilities beyond any other commercially available Software.

After defining your parameters for optimisation, and setting the software accordingly, we can process 1000ís of potential solutions within hours. These (potential) solutions can then be compared against current solutions and cost savings are easily identified.

The system highlights the changes that can produce the maximum savings for your range of Packaging. The same system can be used to identify underspecified materials that may be causing excess product damage and returns.

Unlike traditional cost reduction programs, our method will significantly reduce the cost of Consultancy.

Packaging Expert Witness and Packaging Damage Reduction Services